Oahu, Hawaii


November last year — I was fortunate to go again to one of my favourite places in the world. I am have been flat out since we got back, so I hadn't yet had the time to go through my photos properly. So, May now, 6 months later 😱… here they are…FINALLY! Let me know what you think!

PS. For the best viewing experience, jump on a laptop or computer :)

"SUNSET WHARF" I have no idea if that's what it's called. There were just lots of people on the wharf taking pictures of the sunset on our first day - so that's what I named it :)

"SUNSET WHARF" I have no idea if that's what it's called. There were just lots of people on the wharf taking pictures of the sunset on our first day - so that's what I named it :)

We loved checking out the island from the sky! (Click any image to enlarge)

HUGE THANK YOU to Novictor Helicopters for taking us on a tour of Oahu island. They were really accommodative, professional & super friendly (which is why we went with these guys). Me and Eb absolutely loved it. It was her first time in a helicopter too & so she was over the moon. Actually we didn't fly over the moon, but we were pretty high!

If you're looking for a tour of the island, go to Novictor Helicopters website. (Not an ad).

Ah. My favorite beach on the whole of Oahu? (that doesn't have waves).

LANIKAI BEACH. Holey Dooley. It's a sight. More remote than most of the other beaches. Though as I said, it doesn't have waves — so that's the downside. I am not sure if it's kind of a bay. But it was definitely VERY flat - and it didn't seem like it would get waves…

Lanikai Beach. Sunrise. I swam out as far as I felt (semi) safe to try to get the rising sun in between the islands. Though when I got at least a couple hundred meters from shore, and this is what it looked like with the sun just on the first island — I thought I was far out enough and this would look better anyway!

Note it took me at least 15 straight minutes to get back in shore… There was a current out the back that couldn't be seen from the sand. Sheesh - I wouldn't recommend doing it. Ha. But was fun, and I liked the shot I got. Be safe!

You may have noticed there's big waves. We didn't plan this - but we were so lucky (and i was so grateful) that we somehow landed the first swell of the season! Apparently there had been a super early swell a month prior - though this was the first swell of the season.

And so I was soooo excited to get up to the North Shore & photograph the infamous Banzai Pipeline break. We got there before sunrise. And managed to get an insane park — RIGHT at the entrance. We were literally the closest carpark you could get to the entrance. Which—as a tourist, is a HUGE deal, especially when you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are doing!

I watched a couple sets roll in from the beach, studied the current for a little bit - and nervously & excitedly put on my flippers, grabbed my housing & swam out Piper for the first time!

Loved every moment of it. Super grateful…

One main thing I noticed at pipe was that every surfer was ABSOLUTELY NUTS. I am not really up to speed with pro surfers, so I had no idea who was who or anyone I photographed - so if you do recognise anyone, please DM me on Instagram I'd be very happy to send anyone the full res image if you're in the shot!

So that's it — I took thousands of photos this trip, though there was a couple I thought might be worth sharing. Let me know your favourite by commenting on my instagram!

Oh, another little tip—while we were over there we hired a car using an app called TURO. It made traveling around the island on your own accord easy! (again not an add). Except driving on the right side of the road is weird to me as I'm from Australia, where we drive on the normal side of the road. haha.


All I brought with me was my Canon 6Dmii. The ONLY lens I shot all of the above on was the Sigma Art 50mm.

And this AquaTech Housing to get in the water with this setup! Thank you, AquaTech!


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Ryan Perno