Hi Guys - so I get asked all the time what gear I use. And I personally LOVE seeing the tools other creators are using and I always have a phone full of screenshots of gear that I want to buy. 
So I thought I would share the gear I am currently using. I recommend doing the research on the products - and I by no means have all the gear I want (as I mentioned there's so much gear I still need). But here are my tried and tested products that I both own and recommend using. Under each product is some product links and also my little review & what I use it for.
I really hope this is helpful. And remember it's not so much about the tool, but how you learn to use it and master it. They're kind of like paint & paint brushes. It matters more how you use them - then if it's a good brand of paint :)
If you have any more questions reach out on ryanpernofski@gmail.com
iPhone XS
Sigma 50mm Art Lens

Canon 6Dii

SD Card
MacBook Pro 15” SSD

Samsung Portable SSD’s 500GB
Awesome price. SUPER fast - they’re basically like working on your solid state computer. I treat them as second computers basically. Great for processing, storing and cataloguing large working files from PSD’s to RAW files. I write with permanent marker what they are for. And I recommend using each drive for specific projects. Eg - one of them is dedicated to my SEASONS books I am working on. Filing is HUGELY important. Learn what way works for you.
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