“The Ocean is Art” (Film & Ocean Photos Shot on iPhone X)

Hi there! I filmed the following video and photos with my iPhone. Watch the video & then check out the photos. And let me know what you think!

The Film.

With The Ocean is Art film, I wanted to push, break or at least bend the perceived boundaries of “iPhone-ography”. I’ve been shooting all year with the device (or similar) to the one you are likely holding in your hand right now to read this. My aim with my work is always to inspire, to bring peace, or to convey an emotion. Or as modern colloquial likes to say “to bring a vibe”. more than just create something that looks cool, I like to work at it like an artist works at a painting. Or a musician crafts a sound track. The beauty & difficulty of the ocean as your subject, is that you can’t control it, you can’t say “hey sorry, wave… I missed that, can you do that again”? All you can do is stay alert, swim around, and be ready for, and search out the moment to arrive. I guess this holds a parallel with life. Sometimes all we can do is show up, search and be ready for anything to happen. Because who knows every day brings the unpredictable. And much like the best waves that suddenly show up in a session, or split second moments when the light hits the wave in a particular angle—some of life’s greatest moments come unannounced. But you have to be looking to see them. And the simple secret with ocean photography is you just have to be in the water to ever see these moments unfold. Enough words, here’s the film:

I’m a big believer in using what you have to do something remarkable. And not waiting until you have everything you think you need. But to start with what you already have now. Maybe you’re just holding a seed. It doesn’t look like much, but the truth of a seed is that it hold’s a tree inside it. The trick is to plant it. Maybe all you have is this day ahead of you. And it might not look like much. But it’s more important how you see this day; than what it might just look like. Because it is just a Wednesday (or insert your actual day here). There’s nothing really overly special about it. Unless you make it special. Unless you work at today with all you have. Maybe this is a bit too inspirational for my retrospective thoughts on shooting with an iPhone… All I am saying is that there is often more potential and potency in what you have, than you might think, or might be utilising right now.

If you want to be a writer, but are waiting until that one day when you have a year-long sabbatical on a desolate island to get that story written down… The truth is, it probably won’t ever happen. Dreams die while we wait for someone else or something else to give us the permission to work on it. And while we wait for the stars to align before we start now with what is in our hand.

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.” — Ecclesiastes 11:4 [NLT]

I started photography with my iPhone because that is all I had to photograph with. At the time I couldn’t afford a DSLR. Or much else to be honest. I was at college, living at a friends house. But if I had waited until I had all the gear, I would have missed out on what I learnt while using what I already had. And what I did have, was an iPhone. I do now own a camera but I’m still in the business of pushing boundaries. Because creativity needs limits. An artwork needs a canvas. A story needs a page. This year, I wanted to see how creative I could get with one specific subject and one medium. The Ocean & an iPhone.

The photos.

While shooting the film, I also took ALOT of photos. The same with my video work, I’m looking to convey a feeling more than just a photo. I love photos that you can stare at for a while. Photos that make you wonder. Photos that help you pause and think and get “lost” for a moment. I love photographing the ocean because it generally looks pretty normal, just lots of water, really. Then there will be a split second where it’s as if the ocean is posing. Where everything seems to line up in perfect harmony. And it looks like a painting. With every brush stroke or water droplet in it’s place. Not perfect. But immensely beautiful. That’s what I call ocean art. When it doesn’t look real, but it certainly is. It’s as if heaven links with earth for just a moment. I literally take thousands of photos most sessions. And there’s usually only one or two moments that might be “worth” sharing. And then even out of the photos I do share there’s even a smaller percentage become a little more timeless and almost take on a life of their own. It’s the photos that I feel like I become removed from, and they feel like they are an art piece, more than just a photo I took on my phone. The beauty of moments caught like this, is that I don’t feel like I can hold the credit. I was merely there to witness what happened. And so when I’m commending a photograph I don’t feel like I’m boasting. Because to be honest, I’m just witnessing it along with you.

Ok, here we go. Shots from my iPhone. “The Ocean is Art” in stills. Let me know which one is your favourite.

Ok so, that’s it. Thank you so much for checking my “art” out. Let me know what you favourite photo is by finding me on social media @RyanPernofski

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